Court reached Dwarka order handed over compensation of 20 lakh rupees

Bilaspur.Court at your Door: National Lok Adalat has emerged as a boon for Dwarka Kanwar, who is suffering from physical disability due to broken spine due to the fall of the trailer. During the hearing, when the judge has come to know that the applicant Dwarka is physically handicapped and cannot walk. Then the judge himself came to the court premises and handed over the order letter to Dwarka to pay the compensation amount of Rs 20. An order has been issued to the insurance company to pay the compensation amount.

Dwarka still remembers the morning of December 3, 2018 when the stumbling block of the trailer changed her life. Dwarka Prasad Kanwar father Asaram Kanwar age about 42 years was going to Korba in LTP four wheeler number CG 12 AU 10468. As soon as he near Manikpur under Police Station Kotwali Korba area, the appellant Sunil Kumar Yadav was injured by the driver of the trailer, Rajkumar, by negligently hitting the applicant Dwarka with trailer number CG 12S 5293.

After the accident, Dwarka has a broken spinal cord near her neck, which has been operated and covered. Due to which the entire body of the applicant Dwarka Prasad Kanwar has become crippled and he will not be able to do any work in future. There were serious and fatal injuries on other parts of the body. The applicant was a healthy young man before the incident who did not have any type of disease, who is completely disabled due to the incident and his life is dependent on others.

The claim was made on the insurance company, the settlement was done in 20 lakh rupees

Dwarka Prasad had filed a claim for indemnity compensation against the insurance company. During the hearing, an agreement was reached between the two to pay compensation of Rs 20 lakh by the insurance company.

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