Court News Indore Stopped from opening shop in minority area court asked police to investigate in seven days

Indore, Naiduniya Representative Court News Indore. Opening a dairy in a minority-dominated area became a problem for one person. Residents created a ruckus outside his shop. Threatened him that this is a minority area. Close the shop or else it won’t be good. The troubled shopkeeper complained to the police station and other officials about this but no action was taken. Eventually the matter reached the High Court. Hearing the petition of the shopkeeper, the High Court ordered the police to investigate the petitioner’s application within seven days. If necessary, provide security to the shopkeeper as well.

The case is of Pawan Malviya, a resident of Raj Nagar area. When he opened a dairy in Chandan Nagar, residents gathered outside his shop and started creating ruckus. Residents threatened Pawan that this is a minority area and only minorities can open shops here. Pawan’s shop is closed since 7th August. While complaining about the matter on August 12, he applied to Chandan Nagar Police Station, CSP Annapurna, SP West. The Chandan Nagar police station did not even take the application. In compulsion, Malviya had to send the complaint by post.

When the police did not take any action despite receiving the complaint, Malviya filed a petition in the High Court through Advocate Ashutosh Sharma. In this, he said that he wants to do business in Chandan Nagar area but his right is being violated. The police is not taking any action despite receiving the complaint. Justice Pranay Verma, while disposing of the petition, ordered the police to investigate the complaint submitted by the petitioner within seven days and if necessary also provide him security.

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