Court in the Magpie’s Nest case: Closing arguments were heard, Babiš spoke for 2 hours

Before he even spoke Grandma, Jana Nagyová (52), the second defendant in the case of the alleged 50 million dollar subsidy fraud, also delivered her closing speech. “I have to stop at my motivation. The public prosecutor found my motivation in the fact that I took it as my project, and therefore I wanted to get the subsidy at all costs. On the contrary, thanks to the responsibility and relationship to the project, I was motivated not to make any mistakes,” Nagyová responded to the closing speech of state representative Jaroslav Šaroch.

5 thousand papers

And then Babiš himself took the floor, armed with stacks of papers. As the Aha! reporter described on the spot, he had around 5,000 of them in one stunt. The indicted ex-prime minister – a candidate for president at the time – declared that the whole case was politicized and mediated, while he spoke often and at length about the media. “Everyone knew that Agrofert was a strategic partner,” he said, among other things. He then dedicated a large part of his speech to his son Andreja Jr., who testified against his father in the case. Babiš returned to the diagnosed schizophrenia of his offspring. This was also addressed by the experts in the reports, and despite the fact that they confirmed that “junior” has the disease, it is said to be well treated and nothing prevents his testimony.

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He showed the photos

But Babiš repeatedly said in court that his son was manipulated against him. And he also returned to when Andrej Jr. he claimed that his father had him kidnapped to the Crimea. “I would like to pass on photos of my son from the time I took care of him. Graduation. And a photo of my son with his girlfriend who was in Ukraine. It’s important to me. It really affects me when someone purposefully makes me a bad dad,” said Babiš emotionally, adding that the purpose of parenthood is to take care of your children.

Already on Monday

The court panel headed by Jan Šott is to deliver the verdict already on Monday morning. Šaroch proposed a three-year suspended sentence with a five-year probationary period and a fine for both defendants. Half a million crowns for Nagyouva and 10 million crowns for Babiš. At the same time, both face up to 10 years behind bars. However, both convicts asked the court not to attend the announcement of the sentence.

Court Andrej Babiš

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