"Courage to repair": Sommerhaus-Peggy about love for Steff

Peggy Jerofke and Stephan Jerkel (52) are sticking to their relationship – come what may! The couple can currently be seen on Das Sommerhaus der Stars. There, the TV emigrant used the airtime primarily to report on earlier riot stories. Not only had he made his roommates shake their heads, but his partner had also shown herself to be injured. Proven on the net Peggy and Steff now that they will also get through this turbulence together!

Via Instagram the 45-year-old posted a photo of herself and her daughter’s father. The blonde revealed how her love can last for 23 years. “Relationships can only exist forever if you have the courage to repair in the age of the throwaway society”wrote Peggy to the couple photo. In the hashtags, reality TV awareness also emphasized: “In good times and bad.”

Caro and Andreas Robens, who had already lived in the summer house last year, seem to be able to tell a song about it. “Absolutely correct!” Assured the fitness fans in the comment column. Peggy and Steff’s current comrades-in-arms Yasin and Samira also left lovely words and commented: “You sweeties!”

Peggy Jerofke and Steff Jerkel at “The Stars’ Summer House”
Steff Jerkel and Peggy Jerofke with their daughter Josephine
Andreas and Caro Robens

Instagram / caroline_andreas_robens

Andreas and Caro Robens

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