Couple photo: Here Claudia Obert is cuddling with her Max (24)!

Claudia Obert (61) and her lover Max Suhr (24) continue to turtle what this stuff holds! The former celebrity under the Palms participant has recently caused confusion about her relationship status: the reality TV icon has been with her for some time after her love outing Max suddenly declared that she is single. And the Casanova also made it clear that the romance is not exclusive. now shared Claudia but still a new cuddle photo with her Max on social media!

On their Instagram-Profile published Claudia now a new snapshot of her with her boyfriend Max cuddles: In the photo, the fashion entrepreneur and the 24-year-old pose in front of a huge wreath of gold-colored Christmas balls. The former fight of the reality stars candidate nestles on the shoulder of her young lover. “Alarm in Hamburg”, she titled the post, among other things.

Claudia’s The community was totally over the moon with the new couple photo! Fans left her numerous compliments in the comments column. “You fit so well together”“You are a sweet couple” or “So beautiful”, for example, three users commented on the post.

Instagram / claudiaobert_luxusclever

Max Suhr and Claudia Obert in August 2022 in Hamburg

Instagram / claudiaobert_luxusclever

Claudia Obert, reality TV icon

Instagram / claudiaobert_luxusclever

Claudia Obert and Max Suhr in Paris

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