Couple modifies their motorcycle to travel everywhere with their dogs

Many people around the world see pets as members of the family with all the benefits that this entails. This was applied by a couple who, in order to go on a trip with their dogs, adapted their motorcycle so that the dogs could accompany them at all times during their journey. The video was shared in Tiktok and immediately became a trend.

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In the video, recorded from another car, you can see the shot approaching the motorcycle, in which the couple is, but in the rear shows a trailer specifically designed to fit the two dogs, which are seen very calm enjoying the route.

The footage was shared on Tiktok by the user @jeancarlos_jeancarlos who accompanied the images with the following caption: “When you go on vacation with your whole family”. Next, the shot is closer to the motorcycle where we can see that the The structure is also designed to guarantee the safety of pets due to the bars on the upper part that protect them from accidents..

When seeing these images, the images dazzled the users of this red social, to the point that, so far, the recording has already exceeded 9.6 million views.

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