Couple goes viral for making a cute and original gender reveal

Social networks What TikTok have become the right place to find all kinds of crazy things that reach millions around the world, as is the case of a couple in the USAwho have become trend in this social network for announcing in the most tender but original way, the sex of her baby who is about to come into this world.

The most awaited revelation

Abby Tunneythe future mother, was in charge of publishing the video on the aforementioned virtual platform where we see her with her husband, who have adapted the classic to a new version “three in a row” of childhood, with aX” Y “EITHER” that rotate to reveal if the little one growing in her womb is little boy either little girl.

As the video progresses, the new parents become more tense until, finally, the game determines that the new being they are expecting will be a girl, after which the couple explodes with emotionjumping for joy.

TikTok surrenders to a couple

The video has been a complete success, to the point that it has been accumulating over 75.4 million views in TIkTokwith thousands of comments from users who are amazed at this way of revealing the sex of their child, while others, although they are not very satisfied with these dynamics, do not fail to highlight the originality.

“Instead of X or EITHERmust have X and Yme: what will it be? She realizes that the song plays ”, “it’s cute, but imagine the sign says ‘twins‘”, “I love this idea, also where did you get your dress?”, “the fact that he knew how to fix that sign before the reaction”, “Congratulations! They flipped it perfectly for suspense.”.

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