Couple converts school bus into a mobile home and is a sensation on TikTok

There are thousands of people in the world who live in mobile homes and a couple of USA does not want to be the exception, although with a difference: the caravan is an old school bus. The transformation process has been documented in TikTok and users have been intrigued by this history.

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The protagonists of this story are the spouses Emma and Breck LaFave, who are parents of a baby just one year old. The family lives in a house located in Eaton County, Michigan, but for a few months they have been working on an auspicious project: converting an old school bus into a mobile home.

As reported the couple’s goal is to take trips with their little one and that is why they bought the school bus in August at an auction in their town, in which they paid $4,400.

How is the process documented on TikTok?

In early May, 27-year-old Emma had the idea of ​​uploading videos of the transformation process on her TikTok account. and currently has more than 115 thousand followers, an amazing figure in such a short time.

In the videos you can see the activities that the couple performs such as cleaning, changing structures, installations, electrical wiring, among others. In addition, they have recently removed the decals and are required to repaint the vehicle, since “only buses used to transport students to school may be yellow and black,” according to Michigan State Law.

It is planned to invest five times more than what the couple spent on the purchase of the bus, but thanks to the fact that they have begun to earn money through TikTok, they already have some savings, according to what they declared to the .

What were the obstacles of the municipality?

Although the school bus had been parked in front of their property, the couple was warned by the Delta Township in October that the vehicle violated ordinances. According to one of them “you cannot park on municipal property, except in a closed building or within fences that hide the view of the vehicle.” Another detail is that a unit like that cannot be parked in a residential area.

“It was a disappointing letter to receive. It didn’t even cross my mind as I thought it was on my property.”Emma told .

Because of the notices, the couple had to move their vehicle to Brek’s grandmother, Elaine LaFave’s, backyard in Lansing, which is located just 20 minutes from the couple’s home. In that place the spouses continue with the work, so that they can finish it at the end of the summer.

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