Counts reduced: Harvey Weinstein trial: Plaintiff drops out

Counts are reduced
Harvey Weinstein trial: Plaintiff drops out

The ex-Hollywood producer, who has already been convicted, will be charged in Los Angeles on fewer counts than previously thought. One in five plaintiffs will not call prosecutors to the witness stand. The anonymous woman had also accused him of rape.

Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault trial has seen a reduction in the number of plaintiffs. Prosecutors in Los Angeles announced that Jane Doe #5’s allegations will not be brought forward, reporters present at the court reported. So far there has been no justification for this. Weinstein originally faced 11 counts in California, including rape. It was about allegations by five women in a period from 2004 to 2013.

With the departure of the anonymized plaintiff identified as Jane Doe #5, four counts of charges are now dropped. The woman accused Weinstein of two counts of rape and two counts of forced oral sex in 2009.

Several women have already taken the stand as witnesses in the trial against the former film mogul, which has been ongoing since the beginning of October, including Jennifer Siebel, wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom. Siebel, initially listed as plaintiff Jane Doe #4, had revealed her identity. The 48-year-old tearfully described Monday meeting Weinstein at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2005, where she was scheduled to discuss possible projects as an actress and producer. According to her statement, Weinstein assaulted her, dragged her onto a bed and raped her. Newsom, whom she married in 2008, has been California Governor since 2019.

Weinstein is on trial for a second time on sexual assault charges. A trial in New York ended in 2020 with a guilty verdict and a 23-year prison sentence. His legal team has appealed the verdict. Weinstein has denied any guilt. Sexual acts were always consensual.

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