Count against Letta: "Italy betrayed by those who rejected our agenda".

Rome, 23 July 2022 – So close (once), so far now. Between M5s and Pd the nerves are exposed. Giuseppe Conte this morning posted on his social channels the ‘card’ (graphic construction) chosen by the Democratic Party and launched by secretary Enrico Letta to denounce that with the fall of the Draghi government, Italy “has been betrayed”.

Giuseppe Conte and Enrico Letta (Ansa)

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However, the leader of the 5 Star Movement reads it differently. “It’s true, Enrico. Italy was betrayed when in the Chamber the premier and the center-right, instead of taking the opportunity to deepen the social agenda presented by the 5-star Movement, rejected it, humiliating all the Italians waiting for answers: enough hunger and precarious wages for our young people, heavier paychecks for workers, protection of 50,000 small construction companies at risk of bankruptcy, fight against real pollution and not drills and incinerators “.


But, continues the M5s president, always referring to the Pd leader “The ‘Draghi agenda’ you invoke has very little to do with the issues of social justice and environmental protection, which have been rejected and humiliated – he adds – contemptuously”.

And he adds: “Now is no longer the time for formulas and Palazzo games. Now there are elections, not only the well-known commentators of newspapers and talk shows who attack us and the protagonists of the financial salons who hate us will vote. those who have no voice – notes the former Prime Minister – will be able to make their own judgment weigh. We will always be there for them “.

In the meantime, criticism is being raised by the center-left towards Letta’s choice to close the “wide field”. We need “a pole of common sense,” he says today Matteo Renzi in an interview with the Press. The dem vetoed not only on Conte’s Cinque Stelle, but also on Italia Viva. “I don’t understand their choice”, adds Renzi. “Maybe they take 25%, but they leave Meloni and Salvini the possibility to change the Constitution on their own. If that were the case, best wishes.”

Also from Pierferdinando Casini comes an appeal to expand the alliance. “The forces that have recognized themselves in the premier’s program I believe that today they are called to overcome their personalities and to create a wide area of ​​reformism that goes from Letta to Renzi, from Speranza to Calenda”, the senator’s words to Corriere. “The emergency in which we will find ourselves in the coming months can only be tackled in this way, putting Italy’s objectives at the center in a coalition that I don’t know if it can win, but that can certainly prove serious”.

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