Could the July floods have been avoided? “A program sends forecasts up to 27 hours in advance with different scenarios”

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Already, Friday, November 19, the humanist deputy François Desquesnes was wondering about the lack of alert at the level of the Public Service of Wallonia. There, he shifts into high gear.

Mr. Desquesnes spent a lot of time going through all the data available to the SPW, in particular the Directorate of Hydrological Management (DGH). Thousands of pages which allowed him to reconstruct the thread of events from July 12. “There are 25 packages of documents in parliament at our disposal,” explains Mr. Desquesnes. “By reading three files with the data generated by the Hydromax software, elements of astonishment emerge. “

➜ Here’s what it is.

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This Friday, we go to the hearing of people who were on call those evenings (between July 12 and 14, Ed.). And on Friday, December 3, the parliament will in particular hear again the director of hydrological management.

➜ The Hydromax program “allows engineers to receive estimates of stream flows. For the Vesdre basin, forecasts up to 27 hours in advance with different scenarios ”: And that’s where it becomes very challenging! Here are all the details.

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