Coti of "Big Brother" referred to the chances of a pregnancy with Rabbit: "People can…"

Coti’s departure from Big Brother 2022″ generated more commotion abroad that inside the house, since the thing with his companions was not in good terms. Yes ok Rabbit He was hurt by the departure of his partner, The young woman has already faced several programs and was easy to answer some questions related to the game, especially those related to the confrontation with her friends in the reality show.

after coming across Laura Ubfal in the debate on Monday ” Big Brother”He opened up about a rumor that ran inside and outside the most famous house in the country due to his relationship with the Cordovan. The panelist accused her of being “pro-life” after a response from Corrienteswho asked him why he attacked her so much if she was dressed in green, a color related to feminism.

After the tense exchange, the young woman went through the study of “THE M” to refer to his controversial passage through the Telefe reality show. I love what equality is, not the superiority of women over men. There are many that I do not share but I want equality and I want a woman to win in ‘GH'”he explained honestly Coti about feminism in a chat with brito angel.

Coti from “Big Brother” revealed what she would have done if she was pregnant.

For declaring herself pro-life, she was consulted by Viviana Colmenero about a hypothetical situation with Rabbit, with whom you had unprotected intercourse at different times during your stay. “If you had gotten pregnant now…?”consulted the winner of one of the editions of ” Big Brother”. yes i would have. At one point in my life I said that you had to be thereI thought so, but later I realized that I am not and I am pro-life, although people can question me”confessed the former participant.

Coti of “GH” starred in strong moments inside the house, although one of the most remembered is the strong fight with Romina Y Juliet. After knowing the results, it could have been one of the turning points for viewers to give him negative votes that led to his expulsion from the competition.

Coti from “Big Brother” talked about his participation in the reality show.

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