Coti of "Big Brother 2022" jealous Rabbit from outside the house: "What did he say about…?"

Coti was removed from Big Brother 2022″ after playing circles around the other participants, and he left Rabbit heartbroken inside the house. In the debate this Monday, the Correntina could see the crying of her boyfriend and she was left with a small detail that left her thinking.

This is how Coti from Big Brother jealous Rabbit in the debate!

“I don’t know how I’m going to continue”I cry alexis on the shoulder of Maxithe other widower of the house of “Argentine Big Brother”, in the hours after the departure from Corrientes. However, a phrase that he dropped in the middle of his tears was the one that caught the attention of his girlfriend.

“I need Sofia to me”, was read in the subtitle of the clip, about the confusing audio that the Rabbit pronounced with his head in his hands. The moment passed, and Coti could see how her partner asked her to please sleep in her bed the night after her elimination, leaving her reduced to tears in front of the cameras.

But, even with the handkerchief in hand, Coti did not let her boyfriend pass the small slip: “Stop, what did you say about a Sofia?”was the first thing that Corrientes said when the cameras returned to the studio, causing the panelists to laugh.

On social networks, Coti’s moment of jealousy is already viral. Among the comments, netizens managed to distinguish that the participant he would not say another woman’s name in his desperation, but would say “I need to suffer”.

Coti admitted using Rabbit in his game

Coti and Rabbit are one of the strongest couples in the house.

One of the questions he answered Coti on debate night it was about his relationship with Rabbit: what was strategy and what was love? When asked by the panelists, Constanza confessed that she approached her now boyfriend with a game in mind.

“At the beginning, when I approached him, it was by game”said Cotiand proceeded to explain that it was the closeness of alexis to the group of “los Little Monkeys” which called her to his side. “They made signs to me that they were going to take me out”he remembered those first weeks.

Despite her strategic mind, the “knife” of the house also recognized that, after the days, her love for the Rabbit became real. When asked if she believed the feeling is reciprocated, she was adamant: “Yes, with all the security in the world”he claimed.

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