Costa’s reaction after being operated on in Mar del Plata: "I thought it was heartbreak, stress, or nerves"

The humorist Costa, who is in Mar del Plata doing his sole proprietorship “At all costs“, It had to be urgently operated on the Colón Clinic for a diagnosis of “Choledochal lithiasis “, extrabiliary stones.

The chronicler of “Intruders“, Gonzalo Vazquez, was the one who revealed the health status of the comedian: “Yesterday he went to the theater, then he started to feel bad. In just one hour they will be operating urgently for extra-biliary calculations. Today started with very strong pains that yesterday I did not have. She went to get checked out at a medical center and was hospitalized. They told me that at least one week away from the work, you have to see how it evolves”.

Hours after the successful operation, Costa herself used her social networks to bring peace of mind to her fans by giving details of what she went through: “Live. An urgency. They preferred to operate now because later it can get complicated. A pebble that goes the other way and pum peritonitis. I felt something wrong I thought it was anguish, stress or nerves. No more. All fast. Today is 11. LOURDES. Nothing could go wrong and it was all very fast. ”

“Thanks to my surgeons and all the people at Clínica Colón for being so loving and attentive from the time I got to the guard onwards. As Alfonsina said “one lightning bolt in time and the fair is over”Choledochal lithiasis that is my diagnosis. And everything went very well. Thanks“She closed by giving her diagnosis and thanking the doctors who treated her.

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