Costa Concordia, the anniversary. "Today is the last public celebration". The day

Isola del Giglio (Grosseto), 13 January 2022 – “This will be the last public celebration because we don’t want to forget but we want to respect the 32 victims“. So the mayor of Lily island, Sergio Ortelli, talking to journalists on the tenth anniversary of the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia. “The city council has decided to celebrate this day forever calling it ‘Day of Remembrance’ – he explained – because it is a duty to the relatives of the victims of the shipwreck. On the ship there were people of 54 nationalities and it is right that they are remembered for always”.

The flower crown

Deposited in the sea, in front of Punta Gabbianara to the island of Giglio, a wreath in memory of the 32 victims of the Costa Concordia in the tenth anniversary of the shipwreck. The ceremony at sea took place after the suffrage mass. Many people disembark on the island for today’s commemorations that continue throughout the day.

Mass with the bishop

“Remembering these brothers of ours and that event and doing it here, in church, celebrating the Eucharist is not an appendix, nor a task to be performed. No, at the center of this moment is Christ the Lord, crucified, dead and risen, who conquered death, all death and who made us for a life that has no end “. This is one of the passages of the homily of the bishop of Grosseto Giovanni Roncari who celebrated solemn mass on the island of Giglio on the tenth anniversary of the tragedy of Concord. Numerous authorities were present at the celebration, including the prefect of Grosseto, the president of the Tuscany Region, the commissioner of Grosseto, the mayor of Isola del Giglio and the highest military authorities in the area. The parish priest Don Lido Lodolini, the then parish priest Don Lorenzo Pasquotti and the Gigliese don Carlo Brizzi concelebrated.

“Nobody told us what was happening”

«Returning to this place is an emotion as it was then. I was having dinner at the aft restaurant, at deck 4, when I heard a very strong vibration, then a blow that was nothing more than the tear caused by the rock on the keel. There was a blackout but no one told us what had happened. Many of those who were with me had not yet done the drills in the event of an accident on board, which was scheduled for the next day. ” Like this Luciano Castro placeholder image, Roman, one of the survivors of the disaster of Costa Concordia, today on the island of Giglio. “After a few minutes chaos broke out – he added -. My luck was to find myself in front of me to a lifeboat, number 14, which was boarding the first people. It was full but I asked if you please let me up. We were on the left side of the ship, the one that then capsized. If I hadn’t gotten into that lifeboat, who knows what would have happened to me. ” “The other indelible memory – he said again – is when we disembarked at the red pier of the port of Giglio, I immediately went to the church which was already full of castaways, cold and looking for shelter. A boy gave me some water oranges. A gesture that I will never forget ».

Gabrielli: “The Lily and the people of Giglia, my safe haven”

“The people of Giglio were the most reliable companions in this tragic and incredible journey. The most indelible memory refers to the many people who are no longer here and my thoughts go to Israel Moreno Franco, the Spanish worker who died while removing the ship in a tragic accident at work. I also remember the harrowing encounters with the families of the victims but my safest destination was theLily island”. This was stated by the undersecretary to the presidency of the Council Franco Gabrielli, at the time of the Costa Concordia disaster as head of civil protection and then commissioner for the emergency, speaking during the commemoration.


“In the 30 months of this tragic story, very difficult for me because we also had to face other emergencies such as floods and earthquakes – he added – but when I arrived at Giglio I recharged the batteries and it had become a mutual exchange of energies between us.” I celebrated a birthday – he said again -, then I went back because they gave me honorary citizenship. The theme of victims is important and fundamental that I continue to support, but not for an institutional or cuteness exercise but because I believe that you can never give due prominence to the things of the living if the dead are not honored “.


The disaster “teaches us that tragic and even systemic mistakes can be made, because I believe that there is a criminal offender but there are also others responsible of this tragedy. And it teaches us that it is possible to redeem oneself, to remedy errors, and also that where correct synergies are achieved, extraordinary things can be achieved “.



Codacons, new class action against Costa

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Concordia shipwreck, Codacons announces “a new class action against Costa Cruises by the castaways who, on the night of 13 January 2012, risked their lives on board the ship “. «To make the new collective action possible – explains Codacons – a very important one sentence of the Court of Genoa which, recognizing the responsibilities and faults of the shipping company that contributed to the sinking, in addition to those already ascertained by the captain Schettino, actually reopens the road to compensation in favor of the survivors, even for those who, after the accident, accepted the begging indemnities proposed by Costa “by signing” a waiver of legal action “. “We are about to launch a new one compensation action in favor of all the castaways of the Costa Concordia who have suffered a shipwreck trauma – affirms the president Carlo Rienzi -. The Italian justice has in fact ascertained the existence of damage from post-traumatic stress for those who, on 13 January 2012, were on board the Concordia, establishing compensation of 92 thousand euros in favor of the passenger Ernesto Carusotti represented in court by Codacons. A sentence that paves the way for compensation for all those who, 10 years after the accident, have suffered psychological repercussions and intend to assert their rights “.

The memory of the diver

“When we got to the nave, around midnight, she was already lying on her side. They did not know that it was lying on the seabed and we thought it was imminent sinking, often you could hear jolts and noises. On board we found a situation of panic, people were like stuck and you almost had to shake them to take them away. They did not realize the situation. We were on board all night, we went down around seven, trying to save as many people as possible. “It is the memory of Massimiliano Bennati e Paolo Scipioni, divers of the fire fighters, among the first responders of the sinking of the Costa Concordia. Once we arrived at Concordia, before getting on board, they explained, “we thought there were hundreds of people in the water. Luckily many were wearing life jackets and together with another colleague we were able to rescue seven people in the water who were almost in hypothermia. I remember a Frenchman who unfortunately we could not save because we found him already poured into the water and he was one of the first confirmed victims. His wife kept yelling at us in French: ‘My husband, help my husband’ “.

Toti: “Indelible images”

“The images of the Costa Concordia are still engraved in our minds. Ten years after the shipwreck on the Giglio Island, Italy does not forget the 32 victims and over 100 people who were injured. It does not forget the extraordinary commitment of rescuers to save as many lives as possible and the great solidarity of the island’s inhabitants, in a tragedy that has left an indelible mark throughout the country “, writes the president of the Liguria Region and co-founder of Coraggio Italia Giovanni Toti on his Facebook page.

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