Coronavirus: “We will have to live for many more years wearing a mask”, according to virologist Peter Piot

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On Wednesday, the Consultative Committee decided to strengthen the obligation to wear a mask, in order to slow the fourth wave of Covid-19 contamination. The new measures entered into force yesterday / Saturday.

According to virologist Peter Piot, who advises the European Commission, it is clear that mouth masks cannot be thrown in the trash immediately “We will have to use a mask in certain circumstances for many years, especially in winter”. Mr Piot is not sure how long this will last, “probably between three and five years”. “But the situation will improve over time, thanks to vaccination and collective discipline. “

In this context, Peter Piot “fully” supports the federal government’s decision to make vaccination against Covid-19 compulsory for healthcare providers, under penalty of dismissal or suspension. “At the end of the day, it’s manslaughter,” he said dryly. “As a doctor, you have certain obligations. “

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