Coronavirus: vaccination of caregivers: for the unions, the opinion of the Council of State “does not solve anything”

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The unions, who denounce the sanctions provided for in the draft law against caregivers who do not want to comply with the vaccination obligation, believe that the opinion of the Council of State, issued at the end of December, gives “partly right”.

If this opinion recognizes the legitimacy and the proportionality of a compulsory vaccination of health professionals, it points in particular to the fact that the preliminary draft law risks causing discrimination, in particular between categories of workers, underline the unions. And on the form, the Council of State points to the fact that an opinion of the National Labor Council, that is to say of the social partners, is necessary.

The unions also note that “both the draft bill and the various opinions (experts and advisory bodies) on the basis of which the Council of State recognizes the legitimacy of the bill, date from several months and that the situation health and the opinion of experts on vaccination have changed significantly in recent days with the appearance of the Omicron variant ”. Thus, vaccination seems to be always effective with regard to the severity of the symptoms but it “seems to be much less so with regard to contagiousness even among vaccinated citizens”, argue the Christian, socialist and liberal unions.

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“At the dawn of the start of the wave of contamination linked to this latest Omicron variant and given the absence of many staff members for medical reasons, in a context of glaring shortage of healthcare personnel, we consider it imperative that policy makers do not persist in implementing a measure for purely ideological reasons. But let them take the path of wisdom and pragmatism to enable everyone to fight properly and with dignity against this interminable health crisis, ”the unions conclude.

The government’s text has yet to be sent to the House for a vote, probably in the coming weeks.

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