Coronavirus: US wants to produce one billion additional doses of mRNA vaccines per year

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“The goal (…) is to expand the current capacity by a billion additional doses per year, with production starting by mid-2022”, explained Jeff Zients, the coordinator of the fight against the pandemic. at the White House, during a press conference.

To achieve this goal, the US Department of Health will solicit “companies that have produced messenger RNA vaccines to identify ways to increase their production capacity,” he said.

This plan, in addition to providing more doses for the American population, would allow “to produce more vaccines against the Covid-19 for the world”, indicated Mr. Zients, according to which the United States is expected to reach 250 million on Wednesday. doses distributed to 110 countries, ie “more than all the other countries combined”.

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Washington also intends to prepare the American response to future pandemics in this way. “This program would also help us to produce doses between 6 to 9 months after the identification of a future pathogen”, assured Jeff Zients.

Joe Biden’s government, whose popularity has plummeted since the summer, wants to step up its effort to fight the pandemic. According to the American press, he should soon announce the purchase of 10 million antiviral treatments against Covid-19.

The United States, the country most bereaved by the pandemic in absolute terms with more than 760,000 deaths, continues to record more than 1,000 deaths per day on average over seven days according to the main health agency of the country, the CDC.

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