Coronavirus: the international Covax mechanism crosses the barrier of 500 million doses distributed worldwide

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“Thanks to the incredible dedication and hard work of partners and healthcare staff, Covax has distributed 500 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to 144 countries and territories,” Gavi Executive Director Seth said on twitter. Berkley.

This international funding mechanism, founded in particular by the Vaccine Alliance and the World Health Organization, is supposed to allow 92 underprivileged states and territories to receive free vaccines funded by more prosperous nations.

But Gavi and WHO regularly denounce glaring inequality in access to vaccination between people in poor and rich countries.

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Some 143 doses were administered per 100 inhabitants in high-income countries, compared to only 7 doses per 100 inhabitants in poor countries.

According to its forecasts revised downward in early September, Covax hopes to have a total of 1.425 billion doses in 2021. The initial target of two billion should be reached in the first quarter of 2022.

“Covax faced a number of challenges in 2021: export bans, supply shortages and issues related to nationalism (in design) of vaccines,” Berkley added. “Deliveries are now accelerating,” he said.

More than 7.5 billion doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines have been administered across the world, according to an AFP count.

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