Coronavirus: the healthcare sector’s appeal for help to government, “the situation is getting out of hand”

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The healthcare sector appealed for help Thursday morning, in response to the ever-increasing corona infections in Belgium. Infection rates rose 54% last week. Instead of slowing down, we see infections speeding up.

“The fourth wave is flaking off at breakneck speed. Everyone knows infected people around them. So many people are now sick or in quarantine, society is systematically disrupted, ”Domus Medica said Thursday in a joint press release.

In addition to healthcare, almost every segment of society is cracking, according to the healthcare industry. “The calls for help from education are clear: the situation is getting out of hand. It is no longer possible to track the number of infections among students. Close classes or entire schools ”, we can read.

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The same bells are heard in business. “There too, because of the many sick people, the quarantines and the lack of reception facilities for children, everything is on deck to maintain production. In the meantime, cancellations are raining in the catering and events sector, which means that these sectors are facing enormous uncertainty, ”say Domus Medica, the Flemish Association of Chief Physicians and Zorgnet-Icuro.

The curves currently follow the most negative scenario presented by biostatisticians last week. “This will bring us – without additional measures – in December to more than 1,200 COVID patients in intensive care. In this scenario, we would only have 600 intensive care beds left to provide the necessary care for people who have had a heart attack, stroke or major accident. “

“Dear consultation committee, the signals from society are clear, while the silence on your side is deafening. Protect care and its patients and ensure that our schools can remain open. Not in two weeks, but now. Every day of delay will only aggravate the damage, ”underlines the health sector.

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