Coronavirus: the Ambulance Union calls for more support from the Minister of Health

The professional association, which represents more than a thousand paramedics, fears for their well-being and asks for more support from the Minister of Health.

According to the Ambulance Union, the pandemic has exacerbated structural problems that now weigh on the well-being of paramedics as well as the quality of services provided.

In the letter addressed to Minister Vandenbroecke, the organization calls in particular for an increase in the federal subsidy to 150 million euros per year to guarantee quality service and correct working conditions. It also calls on the government to require the 112 service to develop a policy of assistance to victims of assault, since, according to the Union des ambulancees, violence against emergency workers has increased. during the health crisis. “The daily confrontation with verbal or physical violence leads to an increase in the stress level for many paramedics,” she emphasizes.

“There have already been discussions, but we still have not received concrete information on the changes to come,” laments the president of the Union of ambulance attendants, Dries Deschilder. The organization does not rule out taking action if its appeal should go unheeded to the government. “But first of all we hope for a positive consultation,” concludes Mr. Deschilder.

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