Coronavirus: the 10 provincial governors want to bring forward the Concertation Committee and stricter federal measures!

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The ten governors from across the country met on Wednesday for 1h30, to discuss the health situation and any additional measures to be taken on their territory.

The epidemiological situation, the evolution of vaccination and a third dose, the situation in the different provinces and the impact for the different services including the local police were discussed.

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The governors also took stock of the new measures, which entered into force on Saturday, which it is “important to respect and to enforce”. They also shared the opinions of the mayors in their area, with whom they had previously spoken.

After discussions, the governors agreed to consider that the situation is serious, and involve measures “at the national level”, to facilitate the adhesion and the understanding of the population. They therefore forwarded their request to the federal authorities, asking them to position themselves at the next Codeco.

The issue of major events, and Christmas markets with the CST + health rules that must be applied there, have also been applied. “Local authorities wonder a lot about what they can or cannot do”, we are told.

The governor of East Flanders had thrown a paving stone in the pond this Tuesday, by deciding to suspend, for four weeks, the festivals and other private events from this Friday.

In the south of the country, it was the governor of Hainaut, Tommy Leclercq, who advised against holding Christmas markets on Wednesday, and encouraged local authorities to limit mass gatherings. “If I had to decide, I would ban demonstrations for a few weeks. (…) Regarding mass events, including Christmas markets, legal requirements must be observed with Covid Safe Ticket checks at the entrance and wearing a mask. In this context, it is complicated to set up large secure areas. If the local authorities believe that they can retain total control of things, why not… But given the difficulties, I strongly recommend that they not get involved in such organizations, it would undoubtedly be wiser. This is a strong recommendation, while the situation is likely to get even more complicated in the days to come ”.

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