Coronavirus: Pediatricians Recommend Parents “Use Common Sense”

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The pediatric task force, bringing together medical experts in the field, advises parents “to play the solidarity card by showing common sense” in the face of the 4th wave of Covid-19 infections.

Pediatricians observe that the “face of the pandemic has changed” both in the general population and in children, “on the one hand due to the predominance of the delta variant and on the other hand due to people over 12. years have been able to be vaccinated.

Their advice to parents is therefore to “use common sense”, keeping their child at home when he is sick, among other things, and to have him tested for Covid-19 if the symptoms match.

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However, when testing, pediatricians encourage parents to “insist” that a non-invasive method be used, such as a saliva test or a nose-throat test.

Strict compliance with quarantine

Pediatricians call for “strict” compliance with isolation and quarantine periods for both children and parents.

“Sobriety” also in the number of contacts that children can accumulate outside of school. Pediatricians also encourage outdoor activities to be encouraged.

Solidarity also plays a role in protecting the most vulnerable people, by not visiting them in the event of illness or high-risk contact, point out the pediatricians.

Barrier gestures and self-test

If a visit takes place on the part of a parent or a child, classic barrier gestures are required such as wearing a mask, social distancing and hand washing, but also by favoring good ventilation. The mask must be adapted to the face of the child, further points out the task force.

A self-test before family reunions “especially when there is intergenerational contact” is still recommended by pediatricians, including for children.

A consultation committee will discuss on Wednesday possible new measures to be put in place to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Upstream, the group of experts for the pandemic management strategy (GEMS) has already recommended extending the wearing of masks, in particular to children from 9 years old in schools. The PS has, however, already expressed its categorical opposition to the wearing of compulsory masks for students under 12 years old.

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