Coronavirus: Joe Biden is practically recovered from his Covid, “I feel very fit”

“I feel very good,” he told reporters at the end of a meeting with business leaders on microchip manufacturing, which he attended via video link.

In a slightly hoarse voice, the 79-year-old Democrat was delighted to have had two good nights of sleep in a row. “In fact, my dog ​​even had to wake me up this morning,” he smiled.

Confined since his positive test on Thursday, he said he hoped to get out of isolation to return to work “by the end of the week”.

Joe Biden had continued to work, but had lightened his schedule during his recovery.

The president seems to have had mild symptoms and the White House has done everything to reassure him about his state of health and his ability to govern, even confined.

Earlier, his personal physician said he had virtually no symptoms of the disease, in a letter released by the White House.

“His symptoms are now almost completely gone,” wrote Dr. Kevin O’Connor. The president, very slightly hoarse, still suffers from a small nasal congestion, had specified the doctor.

The age of Joe Biden — who received a full vaccination and two boosters — puts him in the category of people at risk of developing a severe case of the disease.

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