Coronavirus: it will soon be possible to activate the tracing contact without going through the callcenter

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This novelty was decided by the Interministerial Conference on Public Health (CIM Santé) on the same day. Those who use the Coronalert app will be able, after being notified of a high-risk contact, to register themselves online to receive a code more quickly to perform a screening.

Currently, it is a “contact tracing” center which is supposed to telephone any infected person to take stock of their potential “high-risk contacts”. Problem: Call centers are currently overwhelmed by demand. That should change. Soon, a person who tests positive will receive a link by SMS allowing them to indicate these potential contaminations on the masanté.be site. This should speed up the sending of a test code and quarantine certificate to people who are at risk of having been infected.

If a person with the virus does not take this step themselves, for one reason or another, the call center would still intervene.

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The Coronalert application should also be modified to direct users alerted to a risky contact to a page where they can themselves obtain a free test code, without going through the callcenter.

These changes are scheduled for early December.

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