Coronavirus in Belgium: the warning from Frank Vermassen, chief doctor at UZ Gent, “stop discussing the measures!”

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At Ghent University Hospital, the influx of Covid patients and the lack of staff make the situation critical. Interviewed in the Terzake program on VRT NWS, the chief doctor of UZ Gent, Frank Vermassen, supports the latest measures announced at the end of the consultation committee on Wednesday.

“I think they are a good basis to continue in the weeks to come,” he begins by explaining. “I only hope for one thing: that they are followed up. Because that’s what it will mainly depend on. I would like people to stop discussing these measures, to follow them as announced, and I hope and believe that by doing so we may be able to avert disaster. “

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As far as the Leuven University Hospital is concerned, things are no better. “What is needed now is for everyone to strictly adhere to the measures,” said Gert Van Assche, doctor at UZ Leuven. “Something has to happen now: restriction of contact, even lockdown – I hope we can avoid it – or general compulsory vaccination. “

“We should have done this three, four, five weeks ago,” says Marc Noppen, director of UZ Brussel. “At that point, we knew it was happening. Policy makers have been informed. “

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