Coronavirus in Belgium: “The epidemic could last another two or three years”, estimates Prime Minister Alexander De Croo

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If a good number of Belgians thought that the Covid-19 epidemic would stop thanks to the vaccines, it is clear that this is not the case. Alexander De Croo is particularly one of his people, those who believed “that we were going to bury the virus with the vaccine, that this would be the solution to the pandemic”.

The Prime Minister granted an interview this Saturday which can be found in the columns of our colleagues in the Evening. He indicates that “the epidemic could last another two or three years”. It would be, according to Alexander De Croo, “a period in which we will have a lot of freedom, but during which, from time to time, the virus, even weakened, will give us a slap.”

“We realize that the evolution is not linear, that there are seasonal effects or the arrival of a variant. From time to time, unfortunately, nature forces us to go back ”, he also declared to our colleagues.

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