Coronavirus in Belgium: Frank Vandenbroucke does not understand the French-speaking position on wearing a mask at school

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“Caroline Désir (Minister of Education in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) is doing her best. And I also know that wearing the mask, for children, is not comfortable. But the alternative is a risk of school closure. “

On Wednesday, the consultation committee left it to the communities to regulate the wearing of masks in primary school. This will not be the case on the French-speaking side, while, on the Dutch-speaking side, it has already been imposed in 5th and 6th year since November 8.

“Flanders is not exactly our compass,” commented Frank Vandenbroucke. “It is necessary to compare with the Italian, Spanish, French children, where the mask is obligatory from 6 years. Italians are not used to torturing children! Why are we doing this? Because wearing a mask helps limit the circulation of the virus. We must hold out for another five weeks in French-speaking schools, with the circulation of the virus which continues to increase. I remain convinced that it is a mistake not to ask children, at least over 10 years old, to wear a mask. “

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In addition, Frank Vandenbroucke qualified as an “unfortunate expression”, his approval of a possible boycott of the catering establishments which do not take the control of Covid Safe Ticket seriously.

“Absolutely”, such was the answer given on Saturday morning on the VRT to the question of whether the population should boycott these restaurants. The minister qualified his remarks somewhat on Sunday. “I don’t like staying in a restaurant that doesn’t control CST well. But no, we must not boycott. I withdraw that. “

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