Coronavirus in Belgium: Flanders takes new approach to contact tracing

Instead, a new public application ‘GovApp’ was developed, with 30 “multifunctional agents”. If the number of Covid-19 cases increases again significantly, 350 agents can be mobilized, the Flemish health agency Zorg en Gezondheid announced on Friday.

Flanders has been collaborating with a consortium for two years. These two years, nearly 8 million telephone calls were made, 175,000 home visits were made and nearly 2.3 million infected people were contacted and informed.

The contract with the call centers expires on May 31. This does not mean that contact tracing will stop, but Flanders wants to change the system. “We are integrating the accumulated knowledge and experience into a new system with a smaller team and more digital instruments,” explains Joris Moonens, spokesperson for Zorg Agency in Gezondheid.

From now on, the Region wants to work with the ‘GovApp’ application. On this application, people who have tested positive can be contacted and informed. During a test, people will be prompted to install the app.

For people who do not or cannot use the app, contact tracing by phone will still be possible. To this end, the Flemish government works with a team of 30 “multifunctional agents” who can call as well as come to their homes.

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