Coronavirus: Government amends cooperation agreement on testing and tracing

The Constitutional Court had ruled at the end of September that several elements of the cooperation agreement concluded between the federal government and the federated entities on August 25, 2020 posed a problem. It aimed, among other things, at the absence of designation of bodies at the level of the federated entities as joint controllers of the central database created at Sciensano for contact tracing.

On the proposal of the Minister of Public Health, Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit), the Council of Ministers approved on Friday a draft amended cooperation agreement responding to the criticisms of the Constitutional Court. For the main database, the federated entities and the agencies designated by the federated entities become joint data controllers, in the same way as Sciensano.

The text also provides that the personal data contained in another database, that devoted to communities, must be updated permanently, and deleted if they are “no longer current or relevant”, according to the press release from the Council of Ministers.

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