Coronavirus forces Rodrigo, 15-year-old man with cancer, to postpone treatment in Germany

As we told you in our November 2 edition, the care that Rodrigo will have to receive in Germany had to postpone because of the Covid. The teenager now out of quarantine has, in fact, been infected with the coronavirus. He should normally have been in Germany now to receive the necessary care following his pelvic cancer.

Radiotherapy carried out in Germany is, in fact, necessary for the cure of Manageois which, subsequently, will still have to be operated on in Belgium following the presence of metastases in the lung. For these treatments provided in Germany, however, it was necessary to pay no less than 80,000 euros. Very quickly, various initiatives were created to financially support the family. Suddenly, Emiliano, the father created a non-profit association. “As the care will be reimbursed by Inami, the money will be used for little extras. In particular so that we can accompany him there. What will remain will be used to help other associations, other patients. “

► The family received more details about the postponement of the care to be provided to Rodrigo

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