Coronavirus: Belgium should also limit entries from southern Africa

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This follows the appearance of a new variant of the coronavirus, considered worrying, in South Africa.

“We are activating a procedure on this subject,” he briefly communicated. This will give, according to his explanations, a mandatory 10-day quarantine for those returning from this region and residing in Belgium, and a “ban” from entry for non-residents. He did not specify which countries, exactly, would be affected.

Meetings on this subject are planned at European level this Friday afternoon, in an attempt to coordinate the responses of the Member States. The European Commission has already recommended activating the “emergency brake” for arrivals from southern Africa.

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According to the Minister of Public Health Frank Vandenbroucke, we are aware of a positive case with this new variant in Belgium. This is a person who tested positive on November 22, after returning from abroad, he said. He called for “not to panic” about the variant.

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