Coronavirus: Alain Maron recalls the importance of respecting privacy laws regarding Bruvax

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Asked about the potential problem of respect for privacy by the Bruvax vaccination platform, the Brussels Minister of Health Alain Maron recalled on Tuesday the importance of respecting privacy laws.

“These are one of the foundations of our democracy, and must also, of course, be respected by public administrations,” he added.

The Brussels vaccination reservation platform Bruvax makes it possible to deduce the vaccination status of any Brussels resident using the national register number, Le Soir and De Tijd reported on Tuesday, citing the Charta 21 association.

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Improve access to immunization

Asked about this, Minister Maron recalled that Bruvax had been designed to improve access to vaccination, an essential issue not encountered by the Doclr platform at the time, in a Brussels context of significant digital divide and lower vaccine adherence. . “The Bruvax system is intended to be as simple and fast as possible for users,” he said.

Thus it does not require prior registration, use of the identity card or other complex identification system, which are all obstacles to use for a large public. Checks are made at the vaccination center.

“If a person fraudulently and illegally uses a national number other than his own and ‘fakes’ a vaccination registration, it can be inferred from the person whose national number has been used fraudulently whether or not that person is ‘is already registered for vaccination previously. Cocom has received a complaint on this subject. It assesses the situation from a legal point of view and will change the system if necessary, ”said the Brussels Minister of Health.

The latter further indicated that he remained at the disposal of parliament to answer questions from deputies.

In the opposition, the MR, the PTB and the cdH indicated on Tuesday that they wished to quickly hear the explanations of the Brussels government in this case as well as a correction of the decried situation.

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