Coronavirus, 149,512 cases and 248 deaths in 24 hours. In the last 7 days, over 1.2 million cases: ‘only’ 10% more than the previous week

With 149,512 new cases in the last 24 hours it rises to 1.219.324 the number of infected persons ascertained during the week. The contagion, therefore, is still growing compared to the 1.1 million of the previous seven days, about 10% more, but with over 1 million more tampons. There speed of growth, therefore, it slows down and in the last 3 days the number of positives found has always been lower than on the same day of the previous week.

Except for new flare-ups, therefore, Italy should be close to the peak. The Sunday bulletin reports 248 deaths, of which 37 communicated from Sicily today but referring to the period January 12-15, and an increase in the number of beds in the medical area of 349, while in intensive care 14 more patients are assisted with 128 daily admissions. The processed swabs were 927,846, of which 689,714, with an incidence equal to 16,1% and that of the suns molecular which falls to 13,3%.

Comparing the week which closes today with the previous one, beyond the number of cases, there is an increase in inputs in intensive care, from 981 to 1.016, and a sharp increase in deaths, increased from 1,392 a 2.066. The pressure on the departments is still strong, with +3,072 hospitalized with symptoms compared to Monday, but also this indicator shows a slight decrease compared to the balance of +3,891 with which it closed the previous week.

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