Corona Vaccination In Bilaspur Underprivileged people will be vaccinated in the ward itself

Bilaspur. Corona Vaccination In Bilaspur: So far only 38 percent have received both doses of corona vaccine in the district, while 58 percent have received only one dose. In such a situation, to speed up the pace of vaccination, a list of people who have not been vaccinated so far is being prepared. After the list is prepared, the responsibility of getting them vaccinated will be handed over to the ward councilor. So that before the third wave of corona comes, at least 70 percent of the people in the district can get both the phases vaccine.

To deal with the third wave of corona in the district, the department is exerting strength on 100% vaccination. But even after this, the speed at which vaccination was to be done has not been done. The slow pace of the campaign is increasing the concern of the Health Department. In such a situation, a new strategy is being adopted to increase vaccination. The Health Department has entrusted new responsibility to all its Mitanins. Under this, Mitanins will have to do house-to-house survey in their respective wards and make a list of people who have not been vaccinated yet.

In the current situation, the work of making a list of such people has also been started. Soon Mitanin will give this list to the Health Department. After this, the officer will contact all the ward councilors and give the list and prepare the deprived people to get vaccinated. After this, the Health Department will try to achieve the target of 70 percent vaccination before the third wave of corona by vaccinating them by organizing vaccination camps in the ward on the date given by the councilor.

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According to WHO, it is clear that the third wave will definitely come, but its serious consequences can be avoided. But for this it is necessary that more and more people get the corona vaccine of both the phases. If 70 per cent is sustained at least till the third wave, then the third wave will be easy to deal with. Keeping these things in mind, the Health Department is emphasizing on promoting vaccination.

It has become necessary to increase vaccination, the more vaccine it takes to win, the easier it will be to deal with the third wave. For this reason, a list of vaccinated people is being prepared, who will be vaccinated at the ward level.

Dr. Manoj Samuel, District Immunization Officer

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