Corona barometer: here are the 3 levels proposed by Commissioner Corona in a first version

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This meeting constitutes preparatory work for the next consultation committee, probably organized next week. According to the Prime Minister’s spokesperson, the meeting was constructive. A new meeting is scheduled for Monday. Depending on the progress of the discussions, a consultation committee will be scheduled.

According to a preliminary opinion from Commissioner Corona Pedro Facon, consulted by VTM Nieuws, the corona barometer completely eliminates complete containment, even in the worst case. The barometer will offer three colors: green, orange and red.

Three sectors will be taken into consideration for each color: public events (cinema, football match, music festival), organized community life (choir, sports activity, conference) and catering.

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Green level

According to VTM Nieuws, green means there is no maximum capacity for events. The Covid Safe Ticket, which is renamed Covid Ticket, is not necessary and a mask should not be worn.

Orange level

The rooms that welcome the public inside can accommodate between 1000 and 2000 people depending on the size of the room. It’s code orange. Unlike the green code, the Covid Ticket is necessary from 50 people. The mask is compulsory.

Red level

In the case of the red level, the rooms have a capacity limited to 200 or even 500 people. Eating and drinking are no longer allowed. Music festivals are prohibited.

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