Cops 2 – A gang of policemen: from tonight on TV8 the second season in first vision

Tonight and Thursday 28 July on TV8, in prime time and first viewing, Cops 2 – A gang of policemen, second season of the Sky Original miniseries with Claudio Bisio, is broadcast.

The policemen of the police station of Apulia return from tonight on TV8 at 21:15 with Cops 2 – A gang of copssecond season, aired in premiere free, from the Sky Original miniseries starring Claudio Bisio in the role of Commissioner Cinardi.

The sequel to the comedy directed by Luca Miniero, a Sky Original production made with Banijay Studios Italy in association with Memfis Film and with the support of the Puglia Region and the Apulia Film Commission Foundation, is divided into two stories: “Uno stinco di santo” and ” The hand of the dead “(which will be broadcast on Thursday 28 July on TV8 in prime time).

Cops 2 – A gang of policemen: Claudio Bisio and Tullio Solenghi in a scene from the first episode

The new stories of the comedy confirm Luca Miniero as director, the screenplay is by Sandrone Dazieri and Luca Miniero and the great choral cast returns with Claudio Bisio in the role of Commissioner Cinardi who, after years of glorious career, is still in search of the much desired tranquility ; Pietro Sermonti is the superintendent Nicola Gargiulo, ironically nicknamed O ‘Sicc for his physical form; Giulia Bevilacqua the inspector Maria Crocefissa Cercola, a true southern woman, mother and wife; Francesco Mandelli, the fanatic agent chosen by Benny The Cop. In the team also Guglielmo Poggi in the role of Tommaso, the young switchboard operator of the police station and Dino Abbrescia, or Zu Tore, who has taken over the job as a traveling cook from Apulia.

The bizarre team also includes Gaia Messerklinger as Catia, a young, beautiful and inexperienced magistrate in her first assignment; Massimo De Lorenzo in the role of Don Manolo, the parish priest of Apulia with “heart” problems; Ninni Bruschetta alias Il Conte, a fallen nobleman who lives with his elderly mother and Tullio Solenghi, or Don Filippo, the Vatican messenger sent by the Holy See to assist Cinardi in one of the investigations and to whom he will give a hard time.

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