Copier Kardashian: Are there any ideas?

Not that she was a former model, businesswoman and influencer Kim Kardashian (41) she could not attract! Here and there he dresses in something that takes everyone’s breath away. But when the fantasy comes, all you have to do is bet on the good old classics. Here she gets a suit from Madonna (63), here again from her colleague Naomi Campbell (51), and she is guaranteed to gossip about her in the corridors. The last time this star caused a stir last week was when she wore the same dress as Marilyn Monroe († 36) in 1962.

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Last Monday, Met Gala Ball. She walked the red carpet in a $ 5 million sequin gold dress in which Marilyn Monroe sang for President JF Kennedy in 1962. A classic that won’t get tired. What’s more, he’s excited, because everyone present has justifiably wondered how it’s possible for a plump Kardashian to dress a model on a relatively slender silver screen star. “I always thought Marilyn was extraordinarily shaped. So I cried when I couldn’t put on those clothes. “ Kim confessed, saying that she had to lose 7 kilos in a flash. “Twice a day, I dressed in a steaming suit and ran on it on my belt. I completely planted sugar and carbohydrates and ate mostly tomatoes and proteins, “she added her unhealthy recipe for a slim waist. We recommend not to try!

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