COP27: the Climate Coalition welcomes “a historic step forward” but regrets “a lot of stagnation”

The national ASBL, which brings together more than 90 organizations from Belgian civil society, nevertheless judges that “unfortunately many important decisions are still missing”. And the Climate Coalition to cite the exit from fossil fuels, which has not been obtained. “The exit from fossil fuels remains once again the missed opportunity of this COP. There has been no progress on this side. And this despite the support of many countries in the South and the North. What is positive, however, is that the countries have engaged in discussions to work together on concrete solutions in all sectors for the years to come”, analyzes the Coalition.

“The gap with the 1.5ºC objective remains worrying. Every year counts, and this COP did not bring the expected momentum. Immediate and large-scale cooperation is necessary to fight the climate crisis,” insists the president of the Climate Coalition, Nicolas Van Nuffel.

Furthermore, the COP27 decision recognises, “and this is the first time”, underlines the ASBL, “the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment”. But on the other hand, other themes are little or not addressed, such as carbon markets or gender justice.

The final text affirms the right of children and young people to participate structurally in climate processes. This creates more space for them to assert their demands. What was still sorely lacking at this COP27. It is also positive that COP27 has decided to work on a just transition in the years to come, even if the definition remains ambiguous. Yet it is clear: it must involve the empowerment of workers, respect for labor rights, and universal social protection,” concludes the Climate Coalition.

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