Cook and his enormous strength to flip a 57-egg omelette

Thanks to a video in TikTok It has been proven once again that cooking is not only about ingredients or good taste. And it is that a chef in Barcelona showed that the ability at the time of preparing a dish is often key to achieving the desired objective.

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The cook decided to make a giant omelette with 57 eggs and potatoes included, something that could be seen as impossible if there was no record or proof of it, like the one seen on social networks.

Knowing that it seemed something very difficult to achieve, the protagonist of this clip decided to ironically with his actions, saying that he was too fat to turn a tremendous omelette that he was preparing in his pan.

Chef flips a giant 57-egg omelette on TikTok

After an incredible movement, the giant omelette could be turned over, surprising the boy who was recording with his cell phone, who stated that he believed that all the eggs would end up spoiling on the cold floor.

However, he was not the only one to show his amazement as thousands of followers of TikTok they also did it through the comments. It was even there that we discovered that the chef’s name is Pedro and he works in a well-known bar in Barcelona in Spain.



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