Conviction of lying during a wild debate: Babiš was with the Russians

The debate heated up when Babiš claimed, that he had never been to the Russian embassy. But Pavel called this a lie and said that the photos prove the visit. But the ex-prime minister insisted on his position. “You deny even the nose between the eyes,” Pavel then interjected. And how is it really? The pictures do exist, they are from May 2013 and they show Babiš arriving at the embassy to celebrate the end of World War II.

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And also in the role of Chief of the General Staff, Pavel himself, who did not mention it in the debate with Babiš. “I was at the Russian embassy, ​​I never questioned it. It just touched me that Andrej Babiš is lying,” Pavel explained why he did not mention his own presence. Babiš eventually corrected his statement and said that at that time he had not yet entered the embassy as a politician. At the same time, he had already been the head of the ANO movement for a year.

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