Controversy in "The 1-5 / 18" by the sayings of Julieta Bartolomé: "Most South Side girls talk like Roxy"

“The 1-5 / 18” it caused quite a stir before it even went on the air on El Trece. Polka’s novel, which marked the return of national fiction since the pandemic began, was challenged by the view they provide of poverty and slums. The advances of the strip did not fall in a big way in part of the social networks, although that moved away little by little.

The good development of the plot made it take hold in the prime time of the signal, despite having a difficult task against “MasterChef Celebrity 3” at the same time. Some scenes generate a lot of criticism and have accusations of exaggerating what is lived in the neighborhoods. During the last hours, another controversy was added.

Juliet Bartholomew She is one of the cast members who did not go unnoticed. His character of “Roxy” it generated equal parts love and hate when it appeared in the novel. Nevertheless, the criticism waned and the actress had her defense for the sayings against her.

During a chat with Juan Etchegoyen on “Mitre Live”, explained: The repercussion from Roxy was terrible, at first they didn’t want me. Everything started because of the voice “. Furthermore, he added: “And now everyone tells me that they love me, I think it’s because it’s comedy too. It’s pillage and it hangs out with the bad guys. It’s not about romanticizing poverty.”

The actress had some phrases that caused a stir in the last hours. “There are people who speak like Roxy, there are people who don’t. Too people like to criticize and let’s talk without knowing, he detailed. The truth is that Bartolomé commented: “The people of the southern zone, Most of the South Side girls talk like Roxy, many, many girls ”.

Check out one of Roxy’s most remembered scenes on “1-5 / 18”!

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