Controversy in Huy: the “PS Prize” awarded in schools, Ecolo denounces “propaganda”

At the end of the school year, between the exams, the CEB and the distribution of reports, there is also the presentation of certain specific prizes which honor good students in various subjects or according to certain values.

This Wednesday, June 21, it is precisely concerning these prices that the Ecolo deputy to the Walloon Parliament and to the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Rodrigue Demeuse, challenged the French-speaking Minister of Education, Caroline Désir. The elected official pointed to certain prizes awarded by political parties at school and, more particularly, the “PS” prize awarded in the six primary settlements of the city of Huy.

► “Propaganda in schools”: here is the full reaction of Rodrigue Demeuse (video)

► Adrien Housiaux, the alderman of education for the City of Huy, explains here that he does not understand Ecolo’s maneuver

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