Controversy! After a court complaint, Zezé Camarinha gives a new ‘message’ to Duarte Siopa: “Manhoso…”

The broth “spilled” (and in what way) between Duarte Siopa and Zezé Camarinha. The CMTV presenter revealed that he will sue the Algarvean after he addressed him with less kind words through social networks: “This rabbisaurus is the worst cancer on CMTV“.

This Friday, August 5, TV 7 Dias magazine reveals that Duarte Siopa will have filed a complaint on July 28, and that the investigation phase by the Public Ministry follows: “I will never admit that I am defamed, insulted or that my professionalism is called into question. Whenever this happens, I will, as I did, participate criminally in anyone who does so.“, it can be read.

Faced with the news that he may have to pay compensation of €5,000 to the presenter, Zezé Camarinha returned to social media to leave a new “message”: “This one says we’re both going to court. Sly, you want to be a stage…”, he wrote.

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