Controversial video from L-Ghent: did you film with your cell phone while driving?

Since L-Ghent rose to fame, a series of scandals haunt him and in the last few hours another could be added. Thanks to his good personal and professional moment, he had the pleasure of launching a long-awaited song by his followers, but an Instagram story sparked attention on social media.

After the controversy with Luciano Castro Y floppy Treasury for having irresponsible behavior while driving, a short video of the singer alerted his fans. After publishing “Turreo Sessions #10” together with DJ Taodecided to head to the Obelisk to celebrate with their fans.

Just like he did in the last few days, L-Ghent traveled by limousine and this time he decided to go behind the wheel. In the back of the vehicle were many friends of the artist and he photographed them with a clip while driving. Minutes later he announced that the car changed drivers, although the concern remained with his followers.

Controversial video of L-Ghent.

“Look, we started for the Obelisk, perri, eh. Here we are active”mentioned Elian Valenzuela on the way to the meeting with his fans. Once he arrived at the aforementioned site, he was pleasantly received by those who came there and he shared another story with them.

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