Contribution of CZK 5,000: Who will actually reach it?

The one-off allowance for children finally reached the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies. And although the opposition had comments and amendments, the government has a comfortable majority in the lower house to enforce its own. So the only question was how much the legislators would speak and speak at the lectern. And for a few hours, the speech really lasted.

Even the unborn

The article is intended to cover those who were not yet 18 years old on the first of August. Another condition is that the household must have a gross annual income of up to one million crowns. Parents of unborn children are also lucky. If their descendant is born by the end of the year, they will also be entitled to five thousand crowns. The contribution to the family budget in the form of a new benefit should cover about one million and a half children. But the state will come to 7.8 billion crowns.

The economist warns

While some parents are already looking forward to having thousands more in their wallets, some economists don’t see it as rosy. “Huge money is being distributed to many households that do not need it, which in turn will increase inflation,” said Aha! economist Dominik Stroukal (34). “There are families that need money because we are really in trouble. But the first step must be for us to use the social policy tools we have, “added Stroukal. If the proposal really passes the Chamber of Deputies (this has not yet happened by the deadline of this issue), it must also be approved by the Senate and signed by the President.

Who needs to say?

According to the government, families who are entitled to child allowances in June should receive a 5,000-year benefit in August. The other parents who apply for the money will receive the benefit by the end of the next month after the decision to grant the benefit. Those interested could apply for it either via the Internet or at the contact points of the state administration, the so-called CheckPoints.

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