Contra Las Cuerdas: of wrestling and the deconstruction of machismo: Interview

against the ropesfrom Netflix, tells the story of Ángela, a woman who, after being released from prison, seeks the admiration and respect of her daughter in wrestlingbut the series also talks about the deconstruction of machismo, according to Rodolfo Zarco, who is part of the cast.

The project is led by caraly sanchez, Carmen Ramos, Giovanna Zacarias, Cuauhtli Jimenez, Scarlet Gruber, alisson santiago, Michelle Rodriguez Y Maria Balam. For her part, Rodolfo Zarco gives life to Mauricio, who is in love with Malena, the protagonist’s best friend.

The series talks about conscious parenthood, because it talks about a father who, perhaps, was not a responsible one, but now he is responsible. (The series starts) From this conscious paternity, which I think is also important to start communicating in the era we are living“Zarco emphasizes.

According to Zarco, who has participated in other series such as Miss 89you may notice in your character some characteristics that you do not like and that are related to machismo, but you do so by understanding the character and the context from which it comes, believing that this is also a way of reflecting what is still lived in society .

From the conscience as an actor I said I am not going to create a macho character. He is unconsciously macho, but rather from the unconsciousness of that character, (I question myself) why he has these macho actions and that is where I began to say that maybe he lived this with his father or with his mother, etc (…) He is a human being, at the end of the day and perhaps in the world there is still no awareness of certain things. We are a channel to distribute the failures or unconsciousness of the world in general“, says Zarco paraphrasing Viola Davis.

For Rodolfo, who is a fan of Mexican wrestling, against the ropesfrom Netflix, portrays the craft behind lucha libre for which, even professional wrestlers taught actresses techniques to better develop their characters. Zarco emphasizes that this is an enriching project, which continues to add to current issues, in this case, he assures, female empowerment.

+ How many chapters does Against the Ropes have on Netflix?

The series has a total of 10 episodes.of which all will be available on Netflix starting this January 25. “If you like this project, we will have the opportunity for a second season, it would be wonderful“, he points out.

against the ropescreated by Carolina Rivera, also has the participation of wrestling stars such as Mystery King Y Lady Apache.

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