Contest: try to win prizes of skin care products from the Gallinée brand!

If skin problems are sometimes related to diet, pollution, stress or hormones, they can also be the result of an imbalance in the skin microbiome. This imbalance is caused by the absence of “good bacteria” in the ecosystem that constitutes the skin … and a significant intake of probiotics and prebiotics can help tip the balance.

Founded in 2016, Gallinée is the first pro-bacterial cosmetic care brand designed by Marie Drago, Doctor of Pharmacy. Passionate about the vast field of research represented by the Microbiome and in particular its barrier function, she devoted a thesis to it which was patented before developing a range of treatments with concrete scientific backing, to rebalance the microbiome and thus eradicate long term acne and blemishes.

At the heart of the range: Face Vinegar with prebiotics, lactic acid and prebiotic algae which helps calm stressed skin and prevent irritation. Twice patented and without added fragrance, parabens or soap, it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive to allow the epidermis to flourish.
Also to be discovered, the Prebiotics Face Oil which, thanks to a multifunction cocktail, formulated with 100% active ingredients and 100% of natural origin, acts at all levels of the barrier function and comes to the rescue of the skin. skin. It supports the immune barrier which protects against infections, strengthens the physical barrier which defends against external elements and nourishes the chemical barrier, at the ideal pH for skin balance.

So that you can (re) discover this cutting-edge French brand, we are spoiling you with the first competition of the year which starts on Wednesday January 12, 2022. Until February 8, try to win care packages from a value of 148 €, composed of a washing bar, a skin and microbiome box, a hand cream, a mask & scrub, a face vinegar, a washing cream and a face oil. Good luck !


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