Conte: “War? The government does not have a political mandate, you need a vote. Enough to send weapons to Kiev ”. Letta: “We will decide after hearing Draghi”

He wants a vote in Parliament because he says the scenario of the war has changed and no one has ever given a political mandate to the government of Mario Draghi. Giuseppe Conte again to ask the government to appear before the Houses. “It is necessary to acknowledge the M5s“That on the conflict in Ukraine and on weapons” we are not fixing flags but we are making a clear and transparent speech: we are experiencing a emergency scenario absolutely unexpected ”, says the president of the M5s a A clean sweep up The 7. “The government – he continues – was born to deal with the pandemic emergency and the Pnrr, but in the face of an unforeseen scenario we cannot think that the government will go ahead on its own, deciding from time to time what to do and how to position itself because it does not have a political mandate ”. Shortly afterwards, a A clean sweep also Enrico Letta. The Pd secretary does not seem to close the door: “We will discuss it in Parliament next Thursday when President Draghi comes. The we will listen in Parliament – he says – and we will decide on the next steps “. But she disagrees with Conte on the change of scenery: “It’s the same as two months ago”.

“We need a vote in Parliament” – The former premier, in short, returned to ask his successor to speak in the classroom, also assuming the vote of a document on the conflict: “It is right that there is an update on state of war“And” a passage with one vote and one act of parliamentary address it would also be an element of clarity for all political forces. After two and a half months the scenarios are changing and we must be able to give a mandate stronger“. And in this regard Conte spoke again on the debate on the weapons sent to Kiev: “After a third decree, do we want to reflect? After a third dispatch of weapons – which for us must not be heavier or more lethal – do we want to have a discussion? After the third submission, I believe that Italy has made its contribution. Italy has already given and must now be at the forefront of peace ”.

“We cannot negotiate on Zelensky’s head” – Conte also commented on Draghi’s statements after meeting with Joe Biden. “I heard Draghi who rightly said the negotiation we can not do it on the head of Zelensky and Ukraine, I share it but we cannot leave him alone sole responsibility of the negotiation because we too are involved “. In what sense are we involved too? “We cannot pretend that we have no involvement, even if indirect”. On Draghi, continued Conte, from Washington, “the statements that are filtered or made to the press are frankly in tune with what I have argued in recent weeks: they are certainly balanced. But the point is not to make statements. I have posed an overall question which is not for put the Prime Minister in difficulty of ministers but to clarify, in such a large majority, with political forces that have different sensitivities, the need for a political synthesis so that Italy gives the government a very clear and strong mandate towards a solution that is more important to us ”. On the economic front, Conte returned to ask for a Recovery fund for energy: “I was the first to call all the political leaders to say that we are all united on the no to sanctions, but without a Energy Recovery Fund it is unrealistic to think of a Russian gas embargo ”. Such a hypothesis “passes through adequate financing with common European public debt, stockpiles and common purchase plans”.

Read: “Scenario is the same as two months ago” – Conte’s statements provoked the comment of Enrico Lettaalso a guest at A clean sweep.“Doesn’t the government have a political mandate? We think that there was a vote in Parliament, at the beginning of a path, clear, clear and that found a broad consensus ”, says the secretary of the Democratic Party. He then adds: “Stop arms after the third decree? We neither we will discuss in Parliament next Thursday when President Draghi comes. The we will listen in Parliamentwhich is the natural place for debate and decision making, e we will decide the next steps. I can say that we will decide together, as a majority, as a government, and together with the our allies Europeans“. According to Letta, it is not true that the scenario of the war has changed: “It is the same as two months ago, the Ukrainians continue to be the object of an invasion and the international community is committed to finding a solution. As Draghi said in Washington, we are committed to a path of peace that exists because Ukraine has resisted and did so thanks to European support. We go to Parliament to debate with Prime Minister Draghi in this spirit ”. According to Letta “the only thing we must avoid is that of interpret a change as tied to ourselves. Since we are there tired of war then let’s change our attitude. But the changes are the ones that happen there, they happen with respect to the dead, to the destruction that is still going on. I would like to discuss this and not our tiredness “. On the conflict in Ukraine, the Democratic Party has held different positions from the beginning compared to those of its ally M5s. Only yesterday the two leaders met and then issued a photocopy statement to say that they also addressed “issues in which the Pd and M5s have different positions”. Positions that are obviously still different. Letta, however, still considers the alliance with the 5 stars to be strong: “I consider the choice we are making now with the administrative and what we will do in the next political elections. This crisis is confusing everyone’s compass and this affects the whole system. But I am convinced not only that this alliance will hold up but that it is positive for the country “.

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