Conte presents an agenda to ask the Government to report on a new arms shipment: “It is not a technical executive, accept the confrontation”

An agenda to ask the government to “report on any further dispatch of weapons“In Kiev and to” illustrate “the political orientation regarding the conflict in Ukraine: the leader of the 5-star Movement presented it in the Chamber to the Chamber, Giuseppe Conte. “We ask – said the former premier – that this government undertakes to illustrate here in the halls of Parliament the political address underlying the military strategy currently pursued and above all to also report in advance on a possible new dispatch of weapons in order to allow the whole Parliament in a free democratic confrontation to pronounce on these decisive aspects. This it is not a technical government, a government of broad agreements. It is a proudly political government and this is all the more reason why the executive, we address directly to President Meloni and Minister Crosetto, therefore want to accept this democratic confrontation and come here to report and take into account the characteristics of our democracy ”, he added

The agenda was also signed by the Green Left Alliance with Nicola Fratoianni. “For a long time I have been in solitude in this Chamber voting against the sending of weapons to Ukraine and against the 2% increase in military spending,” said the leader of Si speaking in the Chamber. “We want to sign the order of the day illustrated by Giuseppe Conte and sharing a need: after 9 months of war after the Russian aggression, after months of destruction and devastation, this Parliament should discuss what happens in that scenario. The time has come to do so, out of demagogy and muscular confrontation, to be able to identify the negotiating solutions that can no longer be postponed ”, continued Fratoianni regarding the agenda which was then rejected by the majority.

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